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Adding packages to the repository

  1. Connecto to Repomaster and transfer the .deb file to any directory.

For deb-systems

  1. Cd to the root directory of the dist you want to add a package for inside the repository (e.g for ubuntu /srv/repos/ubuntu)
  2. Run: reprepro includedeb <osrelease> <debfile> (osrelease is the name of the relase, e.g trusty for ubuntu 14.04 or wheezy for debian 7)
    1. Enter the gpg-password to sign the package
  3. If there are no errors, the package is now available in the repository. To see the new package, update the list (e.g apt-get update) and the new package should be available.

For RedHat family

(note: Rocky Linux goes as RedHat)

  1. Place your rpm in /srv/repos/{CentOS,RedHat}/{7,8,whatever}/$arch/
  2. Run createrepo on that directory.