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Instructions for setting up a Inhysning-VPS in proxmox.


NOTE: If your cursor gets stuck in SPACE, 'use ctrl + alt + r' to release the cursor.

Creating a virtual pool

  1. Connect to the management interface of one of the compute nodes (e.g. and log in.
  2. Go to the top of the tree view on the left hand side and select datacenter.
    1. Go to the newly opened page and press the pools tab.
    2. create a new pool for the future VPS.

Creating a virtual machine

  1. Click Create VM in the top right corner.
  2. General tab:
    1. Set a name for the VM
    2. Choose compute node for the VM to run on
    3. Add it to the formerly created pool.
  3. OS tab: Pick Linux
  4. CD/DVD tab: pick an ISO to install from.
  5. Hard disk tab:
    1. Change Bus/Device to VIRTIO
    2. Decide on a disk size. The disk image will use this much space on the storage server.(32 Gb)
  6. CPU tab: Allocate CPUs/cores as appropriate.(1 socket, 2 cores)
  7. Memory tab: allocate memory as appropriate. (4Gb = 4096Mb)
  8. Network tab:
    1. Change Model to VirtIO (paravirtualized)
    2. Choose bridged mode
    3. Set Bridge to vmbr0
  9. Confirm tab: Click Finish.
  10. Select the new VM in the tree view.
  11. Go to the Options tab
  12. Edit "Start at boot" and set to enable if the machine should start automatically.
  13. Start the machine, and perform installation as usual.

Creating a user for the IT admin

  1. Go to the top of the tree view and press datacenter.
    1. go to the tab groups.
      1. create a new group using the company name.
    2. go to the tab users.
      1. create a new user for the IT admin, adding the appropriate information.
    3. Give the new user permission to access the formerly created VPS.